Voting Rights

Whether through vote-by-mail or in-person voting, all Tennessee voters must have the opportunity to use their voice at the ballot box.

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As Congressman, Nathaniel Doss III will defend farmers and work to grow our state’s agriculture economy. He believes that we need coherent policies that accommodate the uncertainty our farmers have to deal with and the diversity of our state’s products.

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Nathaniel believes our public health crisis has been compounded by the ongoing disinvestment in Tennessee’s hospitals and rural areas and highlights the real disparities in access to education as millions of rural and urban children without access to the internet fall behind in lessons as schools remain shuttered.

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Nathaniel Doss III knows the global pandemic has fundamentally impacted the daily lives and economic security of Tennesseans especially those in Congressional District 3 and that in many cases the pain is being felt most by families who were already struggling to get by.

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