Rebuilding the Ladder of Opportunity for All Our Kids

Nathaniel Doss III believes that your access to a good K-12 education shouldn’t depend on your zip code and that the cost of higher education should never be an obstacle to opportunity.


Nathaniel Doss III believes that we need to invest in every rung of the ladder. Nathaniel supports robust Pre-K programs that will ensure every child gets a fair start, to nutritional programs that nourish students to learn, and to ensure that our children are getting the best education, he believes we need to invest in teachers and schools so that they have the resources they need. He also supports reducing higher education costs and supporting student loan and forgiveness programs that will make four-year degrees a possibility for anyone who wants to attend college.


But Nathaniel also understands that that college isn’t for everyone and that we should be providing more options for people to make a good living for themselves and their families that don’t require college degrees. That’s why he’s a strong believer in offering more opportunities like vocational training, trade schools, and apprenticeship programs that will get young people ready for a changing economy.


By giving every child access to an affordable and quality education, we can rebuild the ladder of opportunity and make the American Dream a possibility for all.

In the Congress, Nathaniel will work to:

  • Improve quality of elementary and secondary education;
  • Invest in and expand robust Pre-K education;
  • Strengthen nutritional programs in schools;
  • Fully fund Pell grants;
  • Reduce higher education costs, ease student debt, and back forgiveness programs;
  • Support vocational, trade, and apprenticeship education; and
  • Fight for teacher pay and resources for schools.