Armed Forces


National Security & Defense

A Marine Corps Veteran, Nathaniel Doss III understands the importance for a strong national defense. In the Congress, he will work across the aisle to ensure that America’s military remains the strongest in the world and keeps our country and its people safe.


Nathaniel Doss III is committed to protecting and preserving Tennessee’s role in America’s national security strategy by strengthening our economy, workforce, competitiveness, innovation, and democracy.


To stay strong at home, we must properly man, train, and equip the Armed Forces and Coast Guard. Nathaniel Doss III will advance America’s values around the world and commits to supporting the use of diplomacy as a first, best resort, and will speak out against tyrants and dictators. Nathaniel Doss III will ensure that the White House governs transparently and is guided by facts.



Veterans & Military Families

Tennessee Congressional District 3 has a large population of military personnel who served in Vietnam, 2.62 times greater than any other conflict.


Nathaniel Doss III understands the sacred obligation to care for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in battle, sent into harm’s way by our leaders and lawmakers. He is committed to improving the functionality and efficiency of the VA, especially those facilities here in Tennessee. He understands the evolving health care needs of today’s veterans, such as behavioral health and issues arising from PTSD, MST, and TBI. Nathaniel Doss III is committed to strengthening the use of telehealth, which is direly needed for Tennessee veterans who live in rural communities where health care access has declined.

Veterans and their families achieving the American Dream is important to Nathaniel. He will work to ensure that transitioning military service members and their spouses are prepared to enter the civilian world with optimal career and education opportunities.

There are far too many homeless veterans in Tennessee. Just as other states have done, Nathaniel Doss III will work with Tennessee’s elected officials to end veteran systemic homelessness.

Nathaniel Doss III will bring action to ensure that veterans and their families have a Tennessee more specifically C that they can call home – that welcomes them to a better life as gratitude for their service and sacrifice.